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Rummy Variations

Rummy games are the most popular card games in India that are being played all over the world. Known as Indian Rummy, or Traditional Rummy, a 13-card rummy game is the most common & preferred real money rummy game available online.

Although the card game comes with a range of other variants differing in rules or no.of cards, they all have a common objective of grouping the cards. The availability of multiple variants adds extra fun and allows players to improve their rummy skills by switching the games.

If you are looking to play rummy online real money with a considerable variety, you are at the right place!!! RummyField offers a wide range of rummy variations. Take a look:

Different Types of Rummy on RummyField

Following are the different types of rummy variants available on RummyField:

Points Rummy


It is the most popular variant of a real cash rummy. Best suited for beginners and players who want to enjoy a quick game session. It is a rummy variation where players play for points with a pre-decided value in rupee. The total value for losing players is capped at 80. If a player makes the first declaration before opponents, wins the game by the total value of points accumulated by losing players. It is also called 80 points rummy, and it is played between 2 to 6 players.

Winning Calculation-

  • Face cards have 10 points each
  • From 2 to 10, all cards have points equal to their face value. For example, number 3 and
  • number 4 have 3 and 4 points each.
  • Printed Jokers and Wild Joker cards don’t have a value.

Deals Rummy


This is another preferred type of playing rummy in real money. The players play the card game for a pre-decided or specific number of deals or rounds. Each player is assigned an equal number of scores/chips at the beginning of every deal. At the end of each deal, the value of scores is count. The player with the maximum chips wins the game.

  • Best of 2 – It is played with 2 deals. The player who scores the least points over 2 deals wins the game.
  • Best of 3 – Player who earns the least points over 3 deals is a winner.
  • Best of 6 – Player who scores the least points over 6 deals makes a valid declaration.


Real Money Rummy Game


Pool Rummy


To start this popular variant of rummy online cash, the money is deposited ie. pool-in that creates a prize pool. It is available in two types – 101 Pool & 201 Pool. Players who touch 101 or 201 points in a particular type of Points Rummy get eliminated. This game has several rounds and is played with pre-decided points.

  • 101 Pool Rummy – In this version of pool rummy, if any player reaches 101, that player gets eliminated from the card game and the player who successfully stays below 101 points till the end wins the game.
  • 201 Pool Rummy – If the score of any player reaches 201, that player loses the game while the player who remains below 201 wins the game.

Winning Calculation-

  • (Entry Fee x Number of Players) = Total Winnings.
  • If two sequences are formed, then the value of ungrouped cards will be added.
  • In case of wrong declaration, the player gets a penalty of 80 Points.
  • If a player skips three turns frequently, it will be treated as dropping the game ie. middle drop for points calculation.

Tips To Win Rummy Variants:

  • All the rummy players are advised to form a pure sequence from the beginning.
  • As you successfully arranged one Pure sequence, all other cards can be created in optional combinations.
  • Use joker cards wisely to form a sequence or set.

Rummy Tournaments

If you are looking for a best rummy cash game with exciting prizes and offers, you should participate in rummy contests/tournaments. You can select from the following tournaments:

  • Free Tournaments – These are the tournaments that can be played free of cost ie. without depositing any cash money. There isn’t any entry fee but you can win cash prizes.
  • Cash Tournaments – To participate in a cash tournament, you need to pay an entry fee. Select a preferred tournament and click on “Join”.

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