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Rummy Field is now available on Google Play Store

You Favourite Rummy App Is Now on Google Play Store


People who like the card game Rummy will be pleased to hear this news. The season of joyous celebrations is drawing up quickly. India’s most loved and trusted real money rummy app: Rummy Field┬áis now available in the Google Play store and become a part of Google’s pilot program for DFS and Rummy apps in India. In Sep 2022 google made an announcement that it will allow some of the major rummy application to list on google play store, so user can download this very easily.

Google has a long-standing policy of not allowing real-money games to be downloadable on its Play Store in India; nevertheless, the company is beginning a short-term trial program to reverse this policy. Among these games for real money, you will find software for Rummy and daily fantasy sports, among other options (DFS). Previously, Rummy had to be sideloaded onto Android phones or downloaded directly from our website on those devices.

What New Information Did Google Uncover?

People in India will soon be able to participate in a pilot program run by Google Play that will allow them to download games like Rummy and DFS that was developed locally by Indian programmers. The pilot program will be carried out for a whole calendar year. For app developers to submit their rummy games to the Play store, they need to complete an application form that asks questions about the game and the organization that created it.

A Google representative said in a statement that the firm is always exploring new ways to help local developers expand their companies and make Google Play a more enjoyable experience.

Parts of The Use of Cash Rummy

Appealing sign-up Bonuses

Most of you don’t know what it is. You can get a bonus when you put money into our rummy app for the first time. This method is easy to use if you’re new to the platform.

Get Information in Real-Time

If you have ever thought about signing up for alerts when a new tournament or deal comes out, the mobile app is the way. You only need a stable internet connection to get any offer from our app. Then, it will show up right away on your screen.

Deals And Offers

When you think you know everything there is to know about deals, contests, and offers, you find bonus deals like Club Bonus, Friday Bonus, Rummy Power Play, and Supreme Bonus. We’ve made it possible for our players to be happy and get the best benefits and prizes when they use our app.

Referral Program

Every person who plays Rummy online can benefit from a plan that pays them for telling their friends about it. For example, if your friend bets 350 INR, you win 50 INR, etc.

Rummy Rewardz Is A program

You can earn Reward and Loyalty points with the help of the Rummy Rewards program. Players can use these points to buy tickets, cash, or other rewards. In addition, you get one loyalty point for every INR 50 spent on cash games.

You now know that your favorite real money rummy game, RummyField, is available in the Google Play store. It has many cool features and perks that make it worth downloading. In almost every way, this rummy app is better than traditional Rummy, including deals, rules, and tournaments. In addition, you can get the app from the Google Play store to play rummy games anywhere and at any time.

DFS And Rummy Apps Will Be Tested First on Google Play

Google Play is running a trial program for a limited time that lets developers based in India distribute daily fantasy sports and Rummy apps to Indian customers in a way that keeps them safe and interested.

Daily fantasy sports, also called “DFS,” are games in which people use their knowledge of sports and athletes to choose or manage rosters of simulated athletes whose performance matches that of real athletes on sports teams or in sporting events. The outcome of the game depends on how well the players’ fantasy roster picks compare to the roster picks of the other players. Currently, the pilot does not include daily fantasy sports games played during esports competitions or as part of them.

Apps should check to ensure that the user’s choice of athletes does not only include players from one team or organization. Also, apps should make sure that users can pick a roster with as many players as a real-world team needs to have to earn points for at least one whole real-world match. For example, the Rummy Field App is one the best online rummy gaming apps which most people choose.

Rummy, often called “Online Rummy Games,” is a group of card games in which a player has to plan, remember how the cards fall, and make valid card sets and sequences. The games come in 10, 13, 21, or 27-card formats and follow the same rules as the offline versions of the same formats played in India.

For Developers

From September 28, 2022, to September 28, 2023, Google Play will only run a limited-time test for applications. During this test, developers based in India will be able to release DFS and Rummy apps for Google Play users in India. During the experiment, DFS and Rummy promotions will be allowed on and off Google Play for apps distributed on Google Play in India that follow the rules in the policy on Ads for Gambling or Real-Money Games, Contests, and Tournaments inside Play-Distributed Apps.

To take part in this pilot program, developers must do the following:

1. Fill out and send in a form.

2. All participants will have to follow the program’s terms and conditions and any Google Play rules. On the application form, please agree to the “Terms and Conditions for the Google Play Pilot Program for DFS and Rummy Apps.” If you do not want to download a Rummy app from google play, then you can download APK Rummy Field from their websites and start playing Rummy.


Google will look at the applications sent in and let qualified applicants know what happened within seven business days. For the Google Play developer account listed on the application form to stay eligible for the pilot, it must follow all Play rules.