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Top Challenges Faced by an Online Rummy Player

Top Challenges Faced by an Online Rummy Player


There is no doubt that rummy, a skill-based game, is the most preferred card game in the country and across the world, and its digital real money rummy game version is enabling players to win attractive cash prizes at home.

In the last few articles, we’ve discussed vital rummy tips & tricks to become a proficient rummy player. Here, we’ll discuss a few major challenges players face in an Indian rummy online. Not just beginners, even players with brushed-up rummy skills, ample expertise & practice can face these obstacles while playing real cash rummy games. It is because it is a skill-based game that requires sound observational skills, & patience.

Below are some of the most common challenges faced by Rummy Online.

What Are The Everyday Challenges Of An Online Rummy Player?

Indian rummy in real money is a 13-card game that two to five players can play. The game aims to construct sequences or sets with at least one pure sequence to win the game. Various online rummy platforms, such as download RummyField, enable players to play rummy in their homes.

Here are common rummy online challenges while playing:

1. Sorting Cards

Sorting & organizing cards is a significant real money rummy game challenge while playing online rummy.

Players who know how to play rummy know that each player is dealt 13 cards which they need to group into certain sequences & sets. For this, the first thing we need to do is to sort their cards.

Sorting of cards can be performed manually or by using the “Sort” button on the game screen for each participant. Pressing it will help you arrange cards according to suit or color, thus making it easy for you to identify a prospective sequence or set. However, performing it manually can be challenging or time-taking. So, using the “Sort” button on RummyField’s game screen is better.

2. Creating a Pure Sequence

Another challenge players face while playing an online rummy cash game is to create a pure rummy sequence. A pure sequence is a set of three or more consecutive cards from the same suit. To make a valid declaration, at least one pure sequence is essential.

Players must pay attention while drawing and arranging cards to create a valid pure sequence. If a game is declared without a pure sequence, the player may lose the game by a score of 80 points. So, to eliminate the possibility of losing, it is vital to create at least one pure sequence.

3. Waiting for Joker Card

If you are a pro rummy player, you can’t deny the importance & role of Joker cards in a real money rummy game. It can be used as a substitute for a missing card in a sequence or set and helps in groping an impure sequence. So, it is evident why rummy players are naturally inclined towards Joker cards, as they can get an impure set or sequence through a Joker card.

However, it is uncommon to have more than one Joker card in a rummy game, but still, players anticipate drawing this in the game.

4. Conned or Bluffed by the Opponent

While playing rummy in real money, a player must have multiple rummy skills and various techniques to win the game. And one of the most vital rummy tactics is to know how to bluff or trick your opponent. During an online rummy game or high-value tournament, players encounter opponents with varying levels of expertise & skills. So, it is possible for the pro players to trick their opponents by discarding an adjacent of the one they need to create a sequence or set. In these situations, it is vital to monitor every player’s moves & keep track of their actions so that you can think of a countermove.

5. Making a Wrong Move

When it comes to an online rummy game, the players are usually amazed by the gaming experience at the action-packed rummy tables. Even though they rigorously brush up rummy skills by playing practice rummy games, they often make a wrong move and lose the game. So, it is important to remain calm while playing the game.

To conclude, we can say that if you are new to the rummy games, you should only focus on strengthening basic rummy skills. Play as many free practice games as possible.