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Online Rummy Vs Offline Rummy – Which Is Better?

Online Rummy Vs Offline Rummy - Which Is Better?


Rummy is no doubt one of the most popular & loved card games across the world, especially in India. Players of every age prefer to have fun playing the exciting real money rummy game not only to pass their ideal time but also to make some money.

Today, the popular game has shifted to various online platforms and has been transformed into a variety of rummy apps players can download. But on the same hand, this advancement led to a long hot topic among rummy players which is none other than, Online rummy V/s offline rummy. Players often wonder whether they should play online rummy or not.

If you are a traditional rummy player who is thinking of giving a shot to online rummy but are confused, here we are explaining a few points to help you solve your dilemma. Take a look:

Online Rummy Benefits

One should play rummy online real money because –

Time & Place Is No More A Boundation

Obviously, this is one of the most favorable pros of playing online rummy. Unlike offline or traditional rummy, players don’t require an in-person physical appearance around the rummy table to play the game. All they can do is download a rummy app, invite their friends or family members online and have fun. They can start a game in a few seconds anytime they want. It works 24×7. Next time when you are waiting for a train or get stuck in traffic, go for rummy online.

Expert or Beginner – Which Do You Want to Play With?

Yes. Another benefit of rummy online cash is that you can choose a rummy player to play with according to your skill set. In offline rummy, you don’t get a chance to set apart players according to their skills or you might feel awkward or inferior if your rummy skills are not that groomed. Get rid of this embarrassment in online rummy and play with the players who have similar skill sets. You can quit the game, play on multiple tables or simply have fun.

Play For Cash? Get Faster Deposits & Withdrawals

Apart from being a fun game, online rummy is the best rummy app for real money. Though you can earn money through offline rummy also, you won’t get any prizes, bonuses, or rewards. Various online rummy platforms are out there that offer the highest cash rewards with great offers such as RummyField. You can join multiple rummy tables and win handsome money by paying entry fees. So, if you have commendable rummy skills and are confident enough to play for cash, you can deposit a certain amount of cash and win attractive cash prizes, rewards & bonuses.

Practice On Free Games As Much As You Want

This is another benefit that you won’t get in offline/traditional rummy. A rummy real cash app comes with free practice rummy matches where you can improve your rummy skills free of cost. This is highly beneficial for first-time rummy players who have just encountered online rummy. You can learn about the rules, tricks & techniques, develop gaming strategies, and many more.

Enjoy A Variety Of Rummy Games

Various online platforms for real cash rummy android introduce a variety of rummy variants on their site or app to keep the users engaged, thrilled & stick to the game. You can choose your favorite rummy variant as per your rummy skills and have fun. The most common variants of a 13-card rummy are – Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, and Deals Rummy. Other variants are Gin Rummy, 21-Card Rummy, etc. Each game variant has its rule & winning strategy.


Real Money Rummy Game


Join Live Rummy Tournaments/Contests & Win Bigger Cash Prizes

You can play online rummy real cash and participate in live rummy tournaments/contests. They offer attractive cash prizes and other rewards. Not only this, these tournaments invite expert rummy players across the country. You can play with them and strengthen your network. However, if you don’t want to play for cash, there are also free tournaments that can be played free of cost.

No Chance Of Fraud

While playing online rummy in real money, you don’t have to worry about any type of safety or security issues. Leading online rummy platforms are properly licensed & certified, ensuring that your personal information & winning amount are in safe hands.

Now you know why & how online rummy is better than offline/traditional rummy. Though both of them have their pros & cons, given the pandemic situation, online rummy is a go-to option. People are advised to maintain social distance and avoid physical gatherings which cannot happen in offline rummy. Also, whichever game type you choose, remember to make yourself familiarize with the rummy rules first. Observe your opponent’s moves and create your gaming strategy.