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How to Memorize Your Opponent’s Cards in Rummy Game?


Rummy is a skill-based game requiring players to think logically and be fully aware of the rummy rules. The advent of digital technology and the internet has led to various online real money rummy game platforms, and rummy is the most popular card game people of every age group like to play.

Players all need to arrange cards in sets & sequences to win the game. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is not as easy as it sounds. Players with years of experience in a rummy game find it hard to get good cards but one difficulty that remains the same for all players is neglecting your opponents’ cards.

Keeping a watch on your opponent’s cards is vital in a real cash rummy game. Here, we are sharing a few tricks to help you remember your opponents’ cards. Take a look:

1. Get Familiarized With Rummy Rules

As you know that rummy in real money is a game of skill, so it is vital for beginners to get fully familiarized with the rummy rules ins & out before playing one. They should learn how to play rummy, the strategies involved, and the tips & tricks required to win a rummy game.

Indian rummy is played by 2 to 6 players using one or two standard card decks. Each player is dealt with 13 cards and the player who makes a valid declaration gets to win the game. As a beginner, you can brush up your rummy skills by playing as many practice games as possible.

2. Imagine A Card Deck In Your Mind

When you are ready to play rummy online real money, you must visualize a mental image of 52 cards in your head and eliminate those 13 cards in your hand. As the game progresses, you should remove the cards in your head which are being discarded by you & your opponents. It is a useful trick to help you memorize your opponents’ cards throughout the game.

When you have an accurate mental picture of all the cards involved, you can easily find out what cards your opponent is holding. This makes it easier for you to predict the set or sequence they’re trying to form. Also, you will have an idea of what moves they’re planning to take.

3. Keep an Eye on the Discarded and Picked-up Cards

Observing all the discarded & picked-up cards by opponents is another way to memorize opponents’ cards in a rummy online cash game. Know the cards they discard & pick up, and try to create a mental image of them. Whenever your opponent discards a card, update the information in your mind.

It shouldn’t be challenging for you as you’ve already remembered all the cards that they’ve. Apart from watching over the discarded cards, you should also have an idea of the cards they’re picking. Once you get an accurate picture in your mind, you can effectively predict their moves & stay ahead of them.

4. Try the Palace Trick

Another reliable rummy trick that helps you memorize your opponents’ cards in a real money rummy game is to visualize a palace with rooms. Think of each room as a type of card and keep on adding or eliminating the cards as the game progresses. For example, you can create a room for all 3s, 4s, As, etc. Of course, you need to assign rooms to all those 13 cards you’ve been dealt with.

With this picture in your head, you get to know the types of cards in your opponent’s hand and make your strategies accordingly.

5. Save Yourself From The Game Fatigue

Playing on a real cash rummy app can be overwhelming, especially for beginners, as the game requires multiple skills to win the game. Although memorizing your opponents’ cards can help you, you must do it in the right way. Avoid overdoing it, otherwise, you can suffer from mental fatigue.


If you are new to a real cash rummy game, you might be wondering if it is even possible to memorize all the cards being discarded & picked up by your opponents. This is a justified concern, but you can achieve this with lots of practice & training.