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How To Know If You Are Playing Rummy With A Bot?

How To Know If You Are Playing Rummy With A Bot?


The game of rummy is undoubtedly adored by people all over the world and has become a household game, especially in India. But why is online rummy booming in India? Rummy games not only have all the elements of fun, entertainment, and excitement but also an instant way to win real cash prizes. Being a skill-based game, the game tests your logical thinking, analytical reasoning, and decision-making skills. If you are proficient in these skills, you can win cash prizes daily.

However, the immense popularity of the real money rummy games has led to a flood of several online rummy platforms. Many of these online rummy platforms may sometimes have you play against bots to provide an uninterrupted gaming experience. But how to identify that if we are playing with a bot?

Here are some ways to help you identify bots in the game.

Tips To Identify Bots In Rummy Games

“How can I detect bots?” is one of the most common rummy questions. Many applications use bots on their gaming platforms to cheat players out of money when there are not enough players to play the game 24×7. And it is difficult to beat a bot in a rummy game even if you are a skilled rummy player.

1. Play on Multiple Tables

Online rummy gaming platforms with RNG certification ensure random dealing of cards and seating arrangements. So, it is extremely rare if you find yourself playing with the same player on several tables. However, bots are specially programmed to play on multiple tables throughout the day. Hence, they can be found playing with multiple players simultaneously to prevent them from winning cash. So, if you notice the same player at multiple tables, beware of it!! It is one of the best online rummy tips.

2. Play Different Variants Or Formats

Rummy is a challenging, skill-based game that can only be polished with regular practice. To learn online rummy faster, check our guide. You can start as a beginner and soon reach an expert level. But still, at some point, it is complex to play multiple formats or rummy variants at the same time and win the game. So, if you encounter a player in different formats at a time and win consistently, it is probably a bot.

3. Chatting

This is the best way to find out whether your opponent is a bot or a human. When you play rummy in real money with real-time players, use the platform’s Chat feature to interact with them. A bot will not usually respond to any messages while human players, on the other hand, may respond to other players.

4. Typical Gaming Style

Usually, humans adopt different playing styles during the game, from aggressive to passive or vice versa or any other style. On the other hand, bots are designed to play the game in a certain style. It can be defensive or aggressive.

5. Quick Moves

In a real cash rummy, you might take some time to analyze cards and make your moves. But this is not the case with the bots. They are designed in such a way that they make moves within seconds. They don’t take too much time for any move and do it quickly. This is another rummy mistake to avoid while playing the game with bots. So, if your opponent is taking a short time to move, it is a bot.

Wrapping Up

It is better to play rummy online on the best & well-known gaming site to avoid the possibility of playing with a bot. This is because these trusted real money rummy gaming sites have a massive number of genuine players. So, apply these tricks to know if you are playing with a bot or if you find something suspicious, you should report it to the gaming company.

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