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How Can You Win A Rummy Game?

How Can You Win A Rummy Game?


Who doesn’t want to win real cash prizes? Of course, everybody does!!! And playing online rummy games is the best way to earn instant money. Rummy has always been a popular card game, especially in India where millions of Indian households are indulged in several rounds of a rummy game. No age bars or complex rules or threats of fraud. No doubt that online rummy is booming in India.

Let me tell you that rummy is a skill-based real money rummy game that is played between 2 to 6 players. The main agenda is to arrange the cards in proper sets or sequences before the opponents win the game. If you also want to be a pro rummy player, take a look at a few valuable rummy tricks & strategies that will help you nail your rummy game:

Tips To Win Online Rummy Games

Following are the essential rummy gaming tips & tricks that can help you defeat your opponents. Incorporate them into your next rummy session online.

Let’s go step-by-step:-

1. Start the game with proper sorting

The moment you have been assigned your cards while playing online rummy, your first focus should be sorting them well. However, almost all online rummy in real money comes with a “Sort” button which can automatically sort the assigned cards for you.


Real Money Rummy Game


2. Figure out the scope of pure sequence

A well-sorting of the assigned cards gives you an idea of the cards you have as well as cards you need to make two sequences & remaining sets. As per the rummy rules, it is vital to make at least one Pure sequence to win the game. You need to prioritize pure sequence as it will also help you reduce your score in case you lose the game. A sequence is a set of three or more consecutive cards belonging to the same suit.

3. Draw cards from a closed pile

Online real cash rummy is all about drawing & discarding. And you need to be very careful while picking or drawing cards. Instead of picking up the cards from the Open pile ie. or discarded pile, you should adopt Closed Pile. Read our rummy mistakes to avoid. Otherwise, your opponent may see your cards and get the idea of your gaming strategy.

4. Let unfavorable or week cards go away

If you are assigned high-value cards such as A, K, Q, J, etc. You should use them to make sequences or sets. But if you find that these cards aren’t making any combinations, you should discard them immediately. Otherwise, it could increase your losing scores. However, you can use these high-value cards to trick your opponents, apart from getting rid of them at the beginning of the game.

5. Group 4 cards together

Many rummy online cash players often ignore or overlook the importance of grouping 4 cards together to make sequences or sets. But let us tell you that a sequence or set can be made by using 4 cards maximum. But that doesn’t mean that you just sit back, relax and wait for those perfect cards. Instead, review your cards and rearrange them to make a valid declaration.

6. Middle cards are undervalued

Many rummy players who are confused about “should I play online rummy” often underestimate using or drawing middle cards or let’s say low-value cards such as 2, 3, 6, etc. But compared to high-value cards, they are easier to form as well as reduce the risk of losing the game with higher points. So, you should try to make sequences or sets with middle cards.

7. Joker cards are a game changer

If you regularly play rummy online real money, you might know how smart the use of joker cards can help you win the game. Basically, a rummy game has two types of Joker cards – Printed & Wild. In case you are close to making a sequence but are incapable of completing the group because of a missing card, you can replace that card with a wild or printed joker card. This way, you can announce the game before your opponents.

8. Closely watch your opponents

One of the most amazing tricks to win a rummy game online is to closely watch your opponents. Remember the cards which are being drawn and discarded by them. It will help you understand which combination they are trying to make so that you won’t let those cards go to the person they are looking for.

To sum it up, we can say that online rummy games like RummyField are skill-based games that require proper use of analytical, logical & observation power of the rummy players. Do enough practice and incorporate these rummy-winning tips into your game.