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Facts About Online Rummy That Every Player Should Know

Facts About Online Rummy That Every Player Should Know


There is no denying that Rummy is among the world’s favorite card games being played by people everywhere in the world of all age groups. It is one of the oldest forms of cards that has evolved so rapidly till the present. Whether you play it online or offline, it is a fun & fascinating game that has a variety of casual games with rules & guidelines.

However, if you are making your way through the vast world of rummy games or are passionate about playing a real money rummy game, there are a few rummy facts that you should be aware of.

In this blog, we have covered some interesting facts about rummy games. Take a look:

Amazing Rummy Facts

The popularity of rummy games among players all over the world has resulted in the increasing number of online rummy platforms in the form of websites and apps. Players have the liberty to play the game anywhere & anytime. How to play a rummy game? Indian Rummy is a 13-card game where players are required to arrange the cards in sets or sequences to make a winning declaration. Rummy is a great way to burst stress as well as earn real money prizes.

Read on to know all the fun facts about a rummy game:

1. Rummy’s Origins

Different people have different claims about the origin of rummy in real money and this has led to a debate over the years. Some say the game originated from a 19th-century Spanish
game called Conquian. It was very popular in Mexico, and from where it got fame in other parts of the world. Alternatively, some say that it came from French Poker. Then, there is the third category where it is believed that the game came from the Chinese game Mahjong.

2. The “Rum” Connection

It is believed that the real cash rummy game got its name from Rum Poker. Here, we are not talking about Old Monk, rather “Rum” was a famous British slang in the United Kingdom (UK) which means “Peculiar or odd”. However, some also claim that the game was often played for rum where the loser had to buy drinks for the winner.

3. Rummy Variants

The list of rummy variants is never-ending. This means if you are a rummy beginner, you have got so many options to choose from but also need to learn several rummy rules and techniques to win a game. Currently, there are more than 20 variants of rummy all over the globe that people love to play. To name a few, Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, Kalooki, Rummy 500, and Shanghai Rummy are the popular ones. According to some claims, games like Pinochle and Bridge are taken from rummy. So, it wouldn’t be wrong if you call rummy the “mother” of all other card games.

4. Rummy Is Not About Gambling

The most common rummy misconceptions are that people believe that rummy is all about gambling or purely based on luck and players get addicted. But it’s not true.

Rummy is a skill-based game where the players need to use their analytical thinking, observation power, and math skills to form a winning strategy. However, luck has some extent when it comes to the cards assigned to them but arranging the cards in sets or sequences is completely up to the rummy skills of the players. As far as it is an addiction, it depends on how much a player devotes his/her time to a game. There should be a balanced approach to the game.

5. Rummy Is 100% Legal

Rummy online cash is 100% legal as it is recognized as a “Skill-based game” by the honorable Supreme Court of India. You can check the legality of the rummy game on our website. So, there is no need to worry if you are thinking of earning some real cash prizes on RummyField. Play rummy with a free mind.

6. A Chance To Win Real Money Prizes

In the old days, people used to play rummy for fun in their leisure time. Later, they started playing rummy on the best real cash rummy app to earn some instant money or other rewards. This is the reason why online rummy in India is booming today. A variety of online rummy platforms have been introduced today with captive features & live tournaments. There are free as well as real cash rummy games for every type of player.

7. Rummy Is Easy To Learn

Some people wonder, “How Can I Learn Rummy Online Faster?” They think that the rules of online rummy are complicated but they are not. Though initial learning requires dedicated practice, once learned, the game is easy and fun to play.

Summing Up!!

These are some of the popular rummy facts that will help you know the game better. If you love playing a rummy game, download RummyField now and win exciting real money prizes. Participate in live rummy tournaments and get a chance to compete against pro rummy players across the country.